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Large List of Doomsday Films

This site is dedicated to that most marvelous of sub-genres, the doomsday sci-fi movie. This film sub-genre is large and popular. Why? Because we LOVE to contemplate (and watch) the end of the world. From nuclear war to judgement day, from natural disaster to deadly viruses, movie makers revel in depicting how our species might be dealt a vicious or fatal blow.

Why no mention of end of the world novels? Because this is a site about end of the world films. There are numerous of Bible prophecies like in the Book of Revelations that point to the signs of the times. If anything, the zombies will surely get you if can't keep your wits about you.

So the idea here is simple. All the movies listed deal in some way with doomsday. Over time, what's left of it, I will post information about each movie to add to your enjoyment, or panic, as the case may be. Assuming, of course, that the Internet doesn't become self-aware and launch an attack. That's it. What? You expected something more grandiose? More philosophical? Get real. And get busy stockpiling ammunition and spam. Every tick of the clock brings us closer to total chaos.